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About  NOVEL

Company Introduction

NOVEL\'s Mission is to continuously work hard to improve human being’s physical and mental health, and let all employees lead a dignified and happy life through this effort.

Novel is the most trustworthy CBD/THC vape hardware e cigarette suppliers in China.We value customer first not because of money but because it\'s the right thing to do and the reason why Novel was founded.That\'s where our Zero Risk Commitment derived.

We\'ve been focusing on CBD/THC vape hardwares since 2013,as it meets our mission perfectly--it favors users health and daily life.

Novel is innovation you care for. We\'ve brought our patent products NC10 with japan ceramic, NQC1 with quartz coil, Snowman with fully ceramic heating element into this world. And we\'re having more innovative products in R&D.

Let us be your strong backing with 7 engineers, 5 designers, 150 workers, 9 QC workers. Prompt response, best price, stable quality, fast delivery, professional solution, customized service and ZERO RISK COMMITMENT. We will never let you down.

Customer First

Putting our customers first, NOVEL is always striving to find solutions that best suits you and your audience's needs. We understand the preciousness of each drop of oil and aim to release the flavor to its finest through top-of-the-line technology and products.

We Listen to Your Needs

Supported by world-class research institutes, high-standard manufacturing, and an excellent service team, NOVEL strives to meet customer needs by providing excellent atomization hardwares as well as a first-class partnership experience.

Customer Centricity

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