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Working Principle and Classification of Vape Electronic Cigarette

Working Principle and Classification of Vape Electronic Cigarette


First of all, the vape electronic cigarette is composed of an atomizer (head, brain), power supply device (body), and battery (power). 

In addition to electronic equipment, the most important thing that directly affects the taste is the atomizer. The smoke is obtained by heating the heating wire in the atomizer to evaporate the smoke oil on the inner oil-conducting cotton. The air intake structure of the atomizer and the structure in the atomization cabin greatly affect the taste during use.

The working principle of the vape electronic cigarette is like a water heater, the water heater is to take water, and the electronic cigarette is to take water vapor (smoke).

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Atomizers are divided into two categories:

The finished atomizer uses the heating element of fixed resistance heating wire and oil-conducting cotton that the manufacturer has made (mostly oil storage atomizer) (the service life of the heating element is about half a month to one month)

The structure of the finished atomizer is generally composed of a drip nozzle, a top cover, an oil tank, a finished atomizing core, and a base.

Advantages: simple operation

Disadvantages: It is not suitable to change other flavors of oil during use. The reduction of the taste of smoke oil is relatively weak.

RBA atomizer, also known as rebuildable atomizer core atomizer. It is not equipped with a finished atomizing core, and the player needs to wind the heating coil, install the heating coil and the oil guide cotton. According to its structure, it can be divided into three types: RTA, RDA and RDTA.

RTA (Rebuild tank atomizer) is a rebuildable oil storage atomizer,

RDA (Rebuild drip atomizer) is a rebuildable drip atomizer,

RDTA (Rebuild drip tank atomizer) is a drip atomizer with oil tank.

Advantages: I have a lot of room to play, and I can make different combinations for different types of e-liquid to achieve a better taste.

Disadvantages: It takes a little time to make and replace, and the learning cost is high.

In general, you need to DIY the brain of the atomizer core, and the experience is set according to your needs!

RBA structure features:

The RTA oil storage atomizer is generally composed of a drip nozzle, a top cover, an atomization chamber, an oil tank, and an electrode base. RTA oil storage atomizer should be the first DIY atomizer type for most players

Advantages: You can DIY the atomizer core according to your own needs. Like the finished atomizer, it can store the e-liquid to increase the use time of a single injection, which is biased towards the taste-type experience.

Disadvantages: Due to the limitation of diameter and structure, it is not suitable for large smoke experience.

The RDA oil drop atomizer is generally composed of a drop nozzle, a top cover of the atomization chamber, an atomization chamber, and an electrode base.

Advantages: Relying on the oil-conducting cotton to store the e-liquid, there is no need to worry about the problem of oil-conducting, generally this structure is used for large smoke.

Disadvantages: The e-liquid can only be stored by the oil guide cotton, so the endurance is poor. Generally, more than ten or twenty mouthfuls need to be refueled.

RDTA oil drop atomizer with oil tank is generally composed of drip nozzle, atomization tank top cover, atomization tank, electrode table, and bottom oil tank.

Advantages: on the basis of RDA, oil storage function is added, and endurance is enhanced

Disadvantages: The oil guiding cotton feet extend into the bottom of the oil bin to introduce the oil into the coil, which makes the oil guiding distance too long. The introduction speed of the cigarette oil after using the half bin will not be very fast, and the second is that the cigarette oil in the cotton cannot be completely drained , And it is not easy to handle when stuffing cotton.

The reason there are these types is to meet people's needs in use. If you are a new beginner, it is recommended to use a finished atomizer to understand the happiness of vape electronic cigarette. If you are an experienced player, you must choose the right RBA atomizer according to your own situation.

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