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Why You Choose Electronic Vapor Cigarettes For Daily?

Why You Choose Electronic Vapor Cigarettes For Daily?


E-cigarette is a non-burning electronic vapor cigarette. Its effect is similar to that of ordinary cigarettes. It can refresh and satisfy the addiction of smoking, make smokers feel euphoria and relaxation, and can assist smoking cessation. 

The essential difference with cigarettes:

1. It does not contain tar components that are harmful to the human body, and there is no carcinogen;

2. No burning, no harmful chemical substances produced after burning;

3. There is no harm caused by second-hand smoke to others and pollution to the environment;

4. There is no fire hazard and can be used in non-smoking and fire-free places.

The raw material that produces the atomized gas in the electronic vapor cigarette nozzle contains only a small amount of nicotine, a refreshing agent, and does not contain tar and other chemicals that deposit tartar, so the electronic cigarette does not form tartar and odor. The advent of electronic cigarettes indicates that smoking is about to enter a healthy era. Experts emphasized that such a design can not only satisfy the addiction of smokers, but also completely avoid harm to human health, and reduce the occurrence of smoking cessation syndrome among ex-smokers.

Product working principle:

1. There is no tobacco and combustion process, no tar and other carcinogenic and harmful ingredients, no harm from burning products, and no fire hazard.

2. Humanized design, simulating smoke and mist

3. It does not pollute the environment, and the smoke it sucks is an aerosol formed by the atomization of nicotine liquid.

4. Shield electromagnetic waves, no electromagnetic radiation.

5. Contains high-purity pharmaceutical grade nicotine, designed according to nicotine replacement therapy, to achieve painless smoking cessation.

6. The nicotine content of each cigarette liquid core is lower than that of 20 ordinary cigarettes. The special liquid supply barrier state design prevents smokers from continuously using the device to smoke, reducing the frequency of use and ensuring the health of users. It can work normally at an ambient temperature of 42°C.

7. Wide application range.

According to an authoritative expert from the Tobacco Control Committee of the China Association of Smoking and Health, the high-tech product not only avoids the harmful chemicals contained in ordinary cigarettes, but also can save smokers more than 1,200 yuan per year based on smoking a pack of ordinary cigarettes at 12 yuan a day. Different from ordinary cigarettes, e-cigarettes can not only don't need to change your habits but also still swallow clouds and fog Refresh and relieve smoking cravings.

The difference from ordinary cigarettes:

1. It does not contain tar components harmful to the human body, and there is no carcinogen.

2. There is no pollution from second-hand smoke.

3. There is no fire hazard. You can smoke even when you read in the airplane, office, bed or bed.

4. You can quit smoking happily and completely according to the four-step scientific procedure

The reason why you choose e-cigarette:

1. Anti-cancer: Electronic cigarettes are essentially different from ordinary cigarettes. Civil cigarettes do not burn, do not contain tar and other chemicals, and remove the carcinogens in ordinary cigarettes, which is beneficial to the health of smokers;

2. Health: E-cigarette smoke does not contain harmful substances such as nitrogen dioxide, acrolein, carbon monoxide, lead, hydrocyanic acid, arsenic, mercury, etc. It will not cause the harm of second-hand smoke to others and protect the health of people around you.

3. Taste: Specially made electronic cigarette cartridges, refined from Yunnan pure natural plant extracts, the taste is completely close to the flavor of Yunyan;

4. Smoke volume: The microcomputer intelligent chip controls the smoking process throughout the whole process, which completely simulates real smoking, making smoking easier, with a light inhalation, thick smoke billowing, and a large amount of smoke;

5. Cleaning: The microcomputer smart chip automatically detects the internal cleaning status, and automatically cleans in time to remove traces of dirt and ensure that the amount of water mist always meets the standard;

6. Nicotine: The amount of nicotine in all high, medium and low concentrations of electronic cigarette cartridges is lower than that of ordinary cartridges. The smart chip is designed without changing the flavor and output of the cigarette. Reduce the frequency of smokers and protect the health of smokers;

7. Certification: It complies with EU CE and RoHS safety certification, and is an environmentally friendly product;

8. Appearance: Electronic cigarettes have the world's only appearance patent and new utility patent. At present, the products are mainly exported to Europe, America and other countries. They are very popular in foreign markets and have exclusive agents in the Netherlands, the United States, Australia and other countries;

9. Smoke Liquid: There are many kinds of flavors, and different flavors can be matched according to the different needs of customers. Specific flavors to choose from: Mint, Tobacco, Marlboro, three flavors

10. Concentration: There are high, medium, and low concentrations of smoke liquid, and there are no four concentrations to choose from. You can choose different concentrations according to your needs;

11. Quit smoking: E-cigarettes gradually reduce the nicotine intake of quitters, so that their physiological demand for nicotine unknowingly drops to zero, helping quitters to successfully quit smoking without pain and unknowingly. .

Why choose e-cigarette?

1. The e-cigarette liquid is refined. It does not contain harmful carbon monoxide, particles and tar in the smoke, and no carcinogens;

2. In accordance with the encouragement of the Nicotine Substitution Act recommended by the World Health Organization in 1996, we designed special atomized cartridges according to the needs of different levels of smokers. Based on the difference in nicotine concentration, it is divided into high, medium, low, and none. Four basic flavors, from a biological point of view, humanely simulate the entire process of smoking, long-term use can quit smoking;

3. Electronic cigarettes will not cause second-hand smoke harm to others and pollute the environment, and can be used freely in non-smoking areas and airports;

4. The appearance of the electronic cigarette is elegant, the function is fashionable and trendy, and it is a collection of fashionistas;

5. The electronic cigarette is used for charging, without burning, convenient and simple to use, and no fire hazard;

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