When was Novel Vape established?
Shenzhen Novel Technology Co., Ltd was set up when cartridge package was first launched into markets. Therefore, we have rich experience in producing and supplying the product. Now, we have cooperated with mature and reliable materials suppliers to ensure on-time transport of materials and accountable quality. We form practicable manufacturing procedures which in line with lean production principles. The fast turnover of the products within our production lines help Novel Vape achieve lead time promptly. The fast operation of our plants and equipment, workers, and product together prove our healthy development.

With years of development, Novel Vape has grown into a competitive manufacturer specializing in the production of square vape pen. We are known in the industry. According to the material, 's products are divided into several categories, and thc cartridge is one of them. Strict production standard: the production of Novel quartz atomizer follows strict production standards that comply with the international ones and meet the requirements of customers. It is granted with Certificate of Design Patent and Utility Model Patent Certificate. With continuous improvement, the product is believed to have greater sales growth in the future. It is designed for the application in middle- and high-end markets.

To improve the customer satisfactions, depending on the quality of vape pen cartridges has been Novel's focus. Check it!
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