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What Are The Reasons For Electric Vapour Cigarette Too Hot?

What Are The Reasons For Electric Vapour Cigarette Too Hot?


Why is smoke? Novel believes that the cause of vapour cigarette smoke is mainly appeared in three places: 1. Invasive volume. 2. Output power. 3. Heat wire.

1. Invasive volume

The constructor of the electric vapour atomizer, the air intake, the airflow channel size does not only determine the smoke of the nebulator, and also determines the temperature generated in the final entrance of the mouth. Under the same data, the smaller the intake, the resulting electric vapour smoke and finite air interchange will affect the cooling effect of the smoke. Therefore, the smaller the intake hole, the cooling effect is poor, and it will feel high in the mouth of smoke in the mouth.

When vapour cigarette smoke is too hot in daily use, you can check if the intake of the air hole is adjusted to the maximum. If it is unable to change the intake size, you want to experience the fog of large smoke, and fear the temperature of the vapour cigarette smoke is too high, then try to use the atomizer of other big intake or multiple intake combinations.

2. Output power

Since everyone's physique is different, the temperature of the adaptation is different, so different people will feel different temperature experiences under the same intake. Therefore, when it is not possible to modulate the amount of intake, the amount of intake is not allowed to change the amount of smoke, we can consider another solution: changing the output power.

If the temperature is too high during use electric vapou, it can be checked whether the output power exceeds 3.7V-4.2V. If the real-time output voltage is greater than this interval, it can be found in this interval.

3. Hot wire

There are also many factors that have many factors that affect the temperature of the vapour cigarette smoke temperature, as follows:

A. The heat generating area of the heating wire determines the heat generated by the heat generating core and affects the temperature at which the electric vapour smoke is generated. Under the same voltage output, the same winding diameter and the number of rods are used, and the thermal wire of different specifications is used, the total amount of heat generated, the smoke size, and the smoke temperature are also increased as the heat generation area increases.

B. Different output patterns are equipped with different silk species. You need to understand the output modes that each mitot can be compatible before purchasing. Novice avoids buying the silk species, and uses the use of the smoke temperature overheating in the wrong mode, and also feels a bad experience.

C. When making a DIY atomization core, the filament is not adjusted to the heat of the heating wire, which produces different heat at the same time, which causes the partial vapour cigarette smoke temperature to be uneven. Therefore, when making a homix core, it is necessary to pay attention to the uniform heating wire.

Similar to friends who have the same problem can try the insights raised by the author. When to analyze the smoke is too hot, which is the factor, and then try to solve it, will make you feel very achieved after successful. sense. This is one of the fun of using "VAPE".

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