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Tips & Instructions For Using Electronic Vape Cigarettes

Tips & Instructions For Using Electronic Vape Cigarettes


Electronic vape cigarettes is also known as steam electronic cigarette, electronic nebulizer, it has the same appearance as cigarettes, the taste of the cigarette, also like a cigarette, can take out the smoke, suck the taste and feel. The electronic vape controls smoke output and working conditions by high-tech silicon chip and airflower, and the nicotine is atomized, and the solution containing nicotine and flavor is atomized into particles, absorbed by the lungs while spitting the simulated smoke. But how to use electronic smoke is a problem that many consumers have been confused.

The method of using the electronic vape cigarettes will be described in detail.

1. The first use of electronic vape must be charged first, generally over 4 hours. The electronic cigarette is also a lithium battery similar to a mobile phone, so the first time you use long charging.

2, After the charge is filled, put a new cigarette, which is the smoke. Installed, here, it is noted that the installation of the cigarette should not be used immediately, waiting for more than 1 minute. Such aim is to make the liquid of the smoke and the nebulizer of the electronic smoke, volatilize larger smoke.

3, Many people will not stop using electronic vape cigarettesuntil the cigarette is exhausted or battery feed. In fact, this is not good for a long time, but not only affects the life of electronic cigarettes, but also the liquid of the smoke can not be the best volatilization. The correct use of electronic cigarettes is to stop, so it can not only protect the electronic cigarette, but can also suspend the feeling of smoking.

4, The nebulizer of the electronic vape should be cleaned frequently, because the use time has a volatile liquid condensate attached to the top, which will affect the heating of the nebulizer after accumulation, so that the cigarette cannot be used normally. We can use the wet cloth to smith slowly wipe it slowly, usually 1 week suggestion.

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