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Structural Principles & Design Of Best Electronic Vapor Cigarettes

Structural Principles & Design Of Best Electronic Vapor Cigarettes


Structural principle and system design of electronic vapor cigarettes

Simplely said that the electronic vapor cigarettes is a low-voltage microelectronic acid atomizing device, which uses a solution of tobacco fragrance to a smoke shape by heating, and is used for smokers.

Electronic cigarettes are modern microelectronics technology. The actual electronic cigarette body is a synthetic structure. Control lithium battery built by a cigarette, an atomizing chamber, a smart chip. At the front end of the product, it is an operating mode indicator. When you use it, you can emit light like a real cigarette. The most interesting part of the electronic cigarette is the atomization chamber. This is a magical part, is responsible for creating steam like smoke, like a real cigarette. This steam is the result of heating atomization of the soot, that is, the bumper is heated in the cigarette. At this time, such as smoke steam is generated, and in the mouth of the inhaled user, it can meet the desire of smokers.

Structure and principle of electronic vapor cigarettes

Electronic vapor cigarettes are also known as "atomized electronic cigarettes", which is different from cigarettes, it does not burn, only purified nicotine, free of tar, does not contain ordinary cigarettes, resulting in respiratory and cardiovascular diseases Chemicals, remove other carcinogenic substances in ordinary cigarettes.

The basic structure of the electronic vapor cigarette which is composed of a battery (tobacit) + nebulator (cigarette) + tobacco nozzle. There is a switch on the smoke. The bottom will have a lamp display whether there is electricity, butter oil passes the nebulizer. Heat produces steam to smoke, and the soobes itself tastes, so there will be a variety of aroma. Tobacco, fruit, flowers, and drinks are generally in the market.

This shape is quite electron suction with cigarettes, and there is a red light-emitting diode in front of it. When the user is sucking, the front end of the product will make red light, which is like the true ignition, and it will generate smoke. In the way, the user can enjoy the same as the real cigarette.

It consists of a stainless steel housing built-in lithium battery, airflow sensor, control circuit, execution circuit, high-power integrated circuit, high-frequency ultrasound generator, atomization chamber, and a tobacco core.

The working principle of  electronic vapor cigarette to press the nicotine solution (also referred to as a cigarette) in the smoke (also known as the cigarette), and then enter the atomization chamber after super micro pump, and then atmosphere of the ultrasonic high pressure of 2.2 MHz frequency is 0.5- 1.5 Um left and so on, inhalation of lungs. A gas flow sensor in the built-in wafer makes the instrument only when it is inhaled by the mouth, and the working state of the components is controlled by the microprocessing wafer.

Like the cigarette, the nicotine is sucked into the lung by suction, thereby making the nicotine quickly absorbed in the lungs, and the addiction after suction is not born with cigarettes. Moreover, the product can be set different species based on each inhaled nicotine to accommodate different needs of each person.

electronic vapor cigarettes

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