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Rechargeable Big Vapor Mini E Pen Kit ND2R

Rechargeable Big Vapor Mini E Pen Kit ND2R
Big Vapor Mini E Pen Kit Ceramic Coil Vape Pen
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Guangdong, China
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1-15 working days

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Product Parameters

Low resistance1.2ohm
Tank capacity0.5ml
Oil  hole size1.6mm
Battery capacity210 mah
RechargeableUSB charging Port on bottom

Product Features

Vertical ceramic coil.
With visible window--Show oil quality and oil level.
Distinctive Oval shape avoid any random rolling.

ND2R Oil Filling


  Step1: Filling oil. As shown in the below picture, choose either oil hole to fill on 2 sides. Do not fill into air hole.
     The cartridge capacity is 0.5ml,Recommended oil Filling capacity is0.4ml-0.45ml.


  Step 2: Capping each vape pen with mouthpiece plug within 30 seconds after injection finished.
     In order to minimizing air enter to increase air pressure, avoid leakage.


ND2R Storage Notes


  For healthy,clean and safe storage during sale,We provide silicone caps to cap ND2s Mouth tip and bottom tip. We suggest that cap silicone cap ASAP after filling oil.


  Strictly forbidden to open the mouthpiece plug  if there is remaining oil in the cartridge. Otherwise, it will happen to leakage when you put back mouthpiece plug again.


  Because Battery has self-discharger phenomenon. We suggest  that Disposable vape pen could not be stored more than 4 months. Otherwise the battery could not use up oil.


Product Details

Why choose NQC1?

Unique Appearance

ND2R is the first Oval style design CBD Vape Pen ,it is  different from the round vape pens sold in the market,Its unique design more attracted many customers .if you want to level up your retail game or diversity your product offering as a grower or provision center.It is never too late to try it .Hit Novel,Now !!!

Big hit and cloud beast

Vertical Ceramic Coil with 1.2ohm low resitance,customized 4 holes and airflow makes a big hit and good smoking feeling with hugh cloud .The airflow is much smoothly than most of cbd vape pen kit in the market.

3.Vertical Ceramic coil with cotton layer

Oil Heated Uniformly
Big Hit and Purest Taste
Avoid Leaking

4.Unique paint tube with visible window.

ND2R has 2 side windows on the tube:
a.Much helpful for customer to check your high quality oil and make it  stand out.

b.Can protect cartridges tube from being broken .

5.Portable size

Size:10*8*96.5mm ,easy to carry or put into pocket or wallet ,never to worry it will leak any oils.


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