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Quartz Coil CBD/THC Oil Cartridge Vape Atomizer NQC1

Quartz Coil CBD/THC Oil Cartridge Vape Atomizer NQC1
The First Quartz Coil CBD/THC Oil Cartridge Vape Atomizer NQC1
Model Number:
Payment Terms:
T/T, Western Union, credit card, paypal (only supports sample order)
Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China
Brand Name:
Silk screen Laser Gold
Lead Time:
1-15 working days

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Product Parameters

Oil Storage Capacity(ml)0.5/1ml
Material of oil storage binFood-grade Glass
Weight9.5g-0.5ml, 10g-1.0ml
Size0.5mL:10*47mm /1.0ml:10*67.1mm
Capacity0.5ml,1.0ml (Other size OEM)
cartridge materialGlass & Chrome-plating brass & Aluminum
oil hole size1.8mm*4 (other sizes customizable)
Mouthpiece materialAluminum
Thread510 thread
ColorsBlue,Red,Yellow,Green (Other colors customizable)

Product Features

The first quartz coil cartridge in the world.

Different and colorful tips are available.OEM tips are easy to customize.

Slope center post, no oil left on the center post, to consume the last drop of your precious oil.

Mouthpiece material: (4 choices) Aluminum; Brass; Ceramic; Glass.

Oil container: Pyrex Glass.

Intake hole: 1.8mm. (Oil size can be customized)

Resistance:1.2 ohm. (The biggest hit)

Capacity:0.5ml/1.0ml. (Other capacities can be customized)

Bottom airflow:Suitable for all kinds of batteries.

510 thread.

Advantages of quartz coil

  Compared to ceramic, we are certain that the quartz cartridge can deliver the original taste of your oil most. It also has huge hit and great taste.


  The quartz is pure, food grade and medical grade material. Provide best vapor flavor and maximum terpene profile.


  Use a special cotton instead of Non-woven Fabric.It's environmental,healthy and safe. It has better function on avoid leaking. Oil can get through the cotton faster than normal cartridges, which means users can get the vapor faster.


  It is very hard and stable. Won't crack when dry burned with 12 watts of electricity while seldom carts on the market can not support that.


  Quartz offers the fastest heat-up time, take only five seconds to achieve heat and require a low energy input.  For someone who needs a fast vaping , it's very friendly.


Product Display

Why choose NQC1?

Quarz Coil Tech

No powder flaking.Unique design help you AVOID Price War and stand out from many homogenized product.

Quality assurance

We do strictly test all products before shipping, never ship anyunqualified products to customers.

Center post structure

NQC1 cartridge is 45° degree slanted. it is better for oil drop and ensure full consumption.
Sepcial cotton inside, we are the only supplier who use this special cotton. Very pure and top-quality. Provides best and purest taste!

Excellent Oil Leakgeproofness

We are the only factory who have Suction Test Machinary from USA.It is for test the cotton packing.

If the cotton is too lose, oil easily leak. If the cotton is too tight, the oil aborabtion will be very hard and slow.  Consumers will feel it draws very hard.


Filling instruction

After oil filling , screw back the mouthpiece tightly after filling within 30s

Keep the cartridge upside down for 12 hours or more which significantly reduces the leaking rate

Don’t forget the silicone cap on the bottom.



During the packing and shipment , before goods arrive at your store shelf , it is better to keep the carts upside down.
Keep the stocking at the dry environment
For User : Move the cartridge from battery after every time vaping. And make sure the bottom silicone cap on cartridge.
Sell/Use the cartridges within 6 months after taking.

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