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Professional Use Skills Of E Vape Cigarette

Professional Use Skills Of E Vape Cigarette


1. Be careful not to suck too much when you use e vape cigarette, too hard to smoke. Because it is too hard to suck, the soot is directly sucking to your mouth, and there is no atomization of the atomizer. So gently suck the smoke.

2. When smoke, please pay attention to keep a breather than a little longer, because it takes a little longer to make the soabbeaves in the homotactizer are fully atomized to produce more smoke.

3. Pay attention to the angle of use, keep the tobacco none up, the tobacco rod is tilted down, if smoking, the smoke nozzle is down, because the gravity active soso liquid will naturally flow into your mouth.

4. When the soot is sucking in the mouth, please take the smoke to remove it.

5. Wipe and use the smoke nozzles and the extra overflow of the nebulizer.

6. To keep the e vape cigarette battery with enough power, the battery will also cause the soot to suck it in the mouth.

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