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Professional Factors Affecting E Cigarette Vapor Smoke Size

Professional Factors Affecting E Cigarette Vapor Smoke Size


E cigarette smoke size has always been an important indicator for evaluating electronic cigarettes. There are many factors affecting the size of the e cigarette smoke, not only the problem of soot.

1. The proportion of PG / VG in the soot:

It is necessary to say that the soovoiders are indeed an important factor affecting the size of e cigarette smoke, (Note: Pg lysliol, glycerol refers to VG) VG high smoke will be large.

2, battery voltage:

When the current is constant, when the resistance is unchanged, the larger the voltage, the greater the amount of vapor smoke. The modulated electronic fireworks burst in 2013, typical product models are EGO-V, and now popular V3 electronic cigarettes, with digital display and current display.

3, the atomization core resistance value:

When the current is constant, the voltage is constant, the lower the resistance value, the greater the amount of e cigarette smoke. The EGO series of electronic cigarettes is 1.6-2.5 Ω. 3.0 Ω The person used is relatively small, because the resistance is high, the amount of smoke is small, and it is not addictive. As technology matures and the high demand, the resistance can be more and less. I did a few ohms. You can play big vapor smoke, breath with your mouth, and steam will be packaged.

4, current:

Smoke volume is also related to current. When the voltage is constant, the value of the change is the same, the larger the current, the greater the amount of smoke.

5, sucking the lungs of electronic smoke:

When people suck the EGO series of electronic cigarettes, the impact is not very big. But when you suck the power of the electronic cigarette, it is a big relationship with a person's lung capacity. People with large lungs suck a mouth, steam rolling; people with small lungs suck a little bit, steam a little bit.

6, airflow:

In a certain case, the airflow is large, and the e cigarette smoke is also large. Before 2014, the electronic cigarette industry did not have airflow concept, as long as it was absorbed, it was unbroken. In 2014, the birth of the parrot spiile gostenator made people realize the concept of airflow. After the Parrot Spiper, a large batch of airflow atomizer was produced.

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