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Methods And Analysis Of Electronic Vapor Cigarettes Troubleshooting

Methods And Analysis Of Electronic Vapor Cigarettes Troubleshooting


Eelectronic vapor have no smoke, and there may be the following reasons:

1. Check to see if the e-liquid has been added to the atomizer or there is too little e-liquid;

2. Check whether the battery and the atomizer are properly connected, and whether the threads of the atomizer match.

3. Check whether the power of the battery has been turned on. Under normal circumstances, press the power switch five times to turn on the power.

4. In normal use, you need to press the button to smoke normally, and see if the operation is correct;

5. If there is no problem with the above 4 points, then there may be a problem with the atomizer core, which needs to contact customer service as soon as possible to solve it;

6. If there is no problem with the atomizer core, then the battery motherboard is broken and needs repair;

7. If it is a high-power electronic vapor, the battery cannot drive it. The main unit of the high-power box electronic vapor cigarettes must use a power battery for normal use.

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The solution to reduce the amount of smoke during the use of electronic vapor.

In the process of inhalation, the smoke becomes significantly smaller:

1. The smoke liquid of the atomizer is used up:

Please replace the cartridge with a new one. Wait for seven or eight seconds before replacing the cartridge with a new one. It can be used normally.

2. The volume of smoke is still very small for the new cartridge:

It may be because of too much liquid smoke. Please turn the atomizer upside down and forcefully shake or blow out the excess smoke liquid in the atomizer. After two or three pumping, it can be used normally.

3. The amount of hard smoking fog is still small:

The user uses improperly. When the user smokes very hard, because the stamina cannot keep up, the electronic cigarette actually only works for a short time, so the amount of smoke is small. The correct way to use it is to take it lightly and smoothly. In order to enjoy the pleasure of electronic vapor cigarettes.

4. The heating wire of the atomizer has been used for a long time to form carbon and dirt, the resistance value becomes larger, and the amount of smoke becomes smaller. Solution Remove the atomizing core in the atomizer, rinse with water, remove the heating wire with a toothpick and other lightly dirt, and then dry it with a blower for normal use.

The Novel electronic vapor concludes: 

If the new electronic vapor does not emit smoke, first check whether the battery is charged, whether the atomizer is connected to the battery, whether the e-liquid is added, if there is no problem, and no smoke is emitted, that is If there is a problem with the quality of the electronic vapor cigarettes itself, you need to contact the merchant for after-sales service.

If the smoke does not come out after a period of use, then it needs to see whether the life of the atomizer core is reached. Generally, the life of the atomizer core is 1-3 months. If the smoking frequency is high, it needs to be replaced once a month. If the frequency of smoking is not high, you can change it once every three months. If there is no smoke after changing the atomizer core, it is the battery problem. Either there is no electricity or there is a problem with the battery motherboard, you need to contact the merchant to solve it.

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