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How To Get Garbage Sorting Of Liquid E Cigarette Vaporizer?

How To Get Garbage Sorting Of Liquid E Cigarette Vaporizer?


The overalls of smoke-type electrons can be divided into two major parts. The e cigarette vaporizer hardware and the soot cigarette, the electronic cigarette hardware is the same as the heating, not burning e-cigarettes, which can be divided into electronic waste, and the smoke dribble is that it is difficult to divide the type of garbage. As an example of platweight, the body of the smoke, the smoke is generally made of plastic, which belongs to the recyclable garbage, the ceramic atomization core belongs to the electronic waste, and the sooboy oil infiltrated organic cotton is dry garbage, and a smoke contains three kinds. Garbage types, and because the structure of the cigarette cannot be split, it is difficult to cause classification.

At present, the liquid e cigarette vaporizer on the market is mainly divided into two categories. One type is the heating and non-burning electronic cigarette represented by iQOS. One is a cigarette electronic cigarette represented by platinum-based platinum (electronic Nagodin delivery system). . Heating and non-combustible electronic smoke contains electronic smoke hardware and tobacco cigarettes, working principle is similar to ordinary tobacco, just heating tobacco but does not intend to reduce tobacco to reduce tobacco, relatively easy classification, and electronic smoke hardware can be divided into Electronic waste, tobacco cigarettes are basically no different from ordinary cigarettes, which can be divided into dry garbage.

Why do you want to promote garbage classification? It is said that the network of scientific materials is shown that the recycling of the best ideal model of waste treatment is undoubted, and the first to maximize the best ideal model of garbage disposal, and maximize garbage recycling Steps are classification, and the garbage classification can also be separated from other garbage with other garbage, and more environmentally friendly.

Garbage classification is to protect the environment, so that people's lives are healthier, so smokers please let go of the cigarettes in your hands, choose more environmentally friendly, healthy  e cigarette vaporizer.

Scientific research has proven that compared with traditional cigarettes, e cigarette vaporizer will be more environmentally friendly, and when ordinary cigarettes will generate soot and Mars, in all kinds of fire events, it is not a small number of cigarettes. Whether it is a quilt on the bed, or other flammable substances in the home, even trash cans, and there is no need to destroy the cigarette head, there is a hidden danger that caused fire.

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