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How to choose electronic vape cigarette for beginner?

How to choose electronic vape cigarette for beginner?


Electronic vape cigarette is gradually becoming popular in China, and many people want to enter the pit, but some people are dazzled by the variety of accessories. What exactly does electronic vape cigarette contain? How to choose? Are electronic cigarettes harmful? Can electronic vape cigarette quit smoking? 


Next, NOVELECIG will help you to popularize electronic vape cigarette based on experience: What is an electronic cigarette? What parts does electronic vape cigarette contain? 

Electronic vape cigarette are also called vapor cigarettes and use lithium batteries as power. It is the principle of heating the e-liquid by the battery to convert the liquid e-liquid into steam that someone smokes. Electronic vape cigarette is not only a healthy alternative to cigarettes, but also a trendy toy. NOVELECIG electronic cigarettes provide you with the highest quality, the most popular electronic cigarette products of the new generation. 

General vape cigarettes include: main unit + battery + atomizer + cigarette oil (DIY atomizer also requires silk tools, cotton and heating wire) 

Are electronic vape cigarette healthy? 

At present, relevant authoritative reports show that electronic vape cigarette are relatively healthy, because electronic vape cigarette do not use open flames and will not produce tar and carbon monoxide. At the same time, electronic vape cigarette can also use e-liquid or cartridges that exclude nicotine. Electronic cigarettes can effectively reduce the harm of 95% compared with real cigarettes. NOVELECIG electronic cigarettes have baby pacifier-grade cigarette bin materials, and all have passed Intertek GMP and ISO9001 quality system certification, making the entrance more secure. 


Can electronic vape cigarette help quit smoking? 

Electronic vape cigarette are only really auxiliary. Electronic cigarettes are completely different from real cigarettes. Some people may not be used to smoking at the beginning. This is normal, just stick to it. 


How to smoke electronic vape cigarette

  • Methods of smoking: mouth and lungs. First inhale the cigarette into your mouth, then smooth it into your lungs and exhale. 

  • Mouth smoking: the same method as smoking. Suitable for the crowd: beginners. 

  • Lung inhalation: Inhale smoke directly into the lungs with a big mouth, and then exhale. Suitable for the crowd: players. 


Causes of coughing problems for newbies smoking electronic cigarettes: 

The smoke composition of electronic vape cigarette is different from that of cigarettes. Part of the cold smoke oil will make the beginner's throat unacceptable for a while. Remember to drink plenty of water when smoking electronic vape cigarette, because you will get thirsty after smoking for a long time. NOVELECIG uses strictly controlled product quality, professional and considerate after-sales service, simple and elegant product design, and a rich variety of cartridge flavors to create a new electronic cigarette product belonging to NOVELECIG, which matches your every mood, style and environment. 

Choose NOVELECIG, choose a healthier lifestyle.


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