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How Long Does The Service Life Of The Electric Vape Cigarette?

How Long Does The Service Life Of The Electric Vape Cigarette?


The service life of electric vape is mainly to see the atomizer and battery, and the battery can generally be used for almost a year, and the nebulizer is generally more than a month. The service life of the electric vape is also dependent on whether the user's method is correct, and whether it knows the clean and maintenance of electric vape. Most of the vape cigarette is removable and cleaned. It is recommended to clean up the nebulizer and battery when cleaning once a week.

The life of vape cigarette is very long, mainly to see how you maintained it just like the mobile phone, as long as you don't fall, it is very difficult to get damage. Consumables are determined according to the amount of smoking. Electric vape consumables electronic smoke consumables are soothes, and the half-consumables are atomized cores. If the atomic core is maintained, each electric vape can insist on half a month.

Vape cigarette is usually divided into two major parts of the host and atomizer. The host is responsible for power supply output, and the nebulizer is responsible for heating, atomizing the oil. Even the host and nebulator are designed together, "all-in-one" that cannot be split is also made up of these two basic structures.

Then the problem can also be understood as "How long is the host replacement"? And "replacement of the nebulizer".

A. Electric vape's host is actually one of the "main power supply equipment". Since the internal use of electronic circuits, the characteristics of the "electronic" device - as long as the circuit components are not damaged, the function can be used normally, which can meet the needs of users. Then theoretically use it.

B. The nebulizer is usually made of stainless steel and glass, the texture is strong, and if the nebulizer parts are not lost, damaged, the nebulizer glass warehouse with the glass storage bin is not damaged. So theoretically, the electric vape can be used for a long time.

This is all the introduction of the electric vape cigarette's service life from Novel. If you want to know more about electronic cigarette please inquiry Novel online!

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