Q: What is the leading time?
A: Regular sample order, no OEM, can be shipped in 1-3 days after payment.
  Customized sample order, 5-7 working days after payment.
Bulk orders, based on order quantity and specific OEM requirements. Please contact us to get detailed information.
Q: What are the transportation methods?
A: Sea transportation (only supports non-electric products such as cartridges and packaging), air transportation, express delivery (DHL / UPS / Fedex)
Q: How to pay?
A: T / T, Western Union, credit card, paypal (only supports sample form)
Q: Why Disposable vape pen can not run out of oil?
A: Reason 1: Long time storage, the battery will self-discharges, and the power drops, resulting in incomplete use of oil
Reason 2: Is your oil very thick ? Thick oil need large battery power to heat up,battery life is shorter than work with thinner oil. If your oil is very thick, please choose small tank capacity vape pen or rechargeable vape pen.
Q: Why can't smoke come out when the battery is screwed on the cartridge?
A: Reason 1: The battery is out of power.
Reason 2: The battery and the cartridge do not match well, poor contact between them. Check if the top air inlet cartridge connect with the automatic battery ? If so, please change a manual battery to match this kind cartridge. If the match is no problem, Or screw too tight and no air get in.
Q: What is the battery preheat function?
A: Heat up oil , make it thinner, and easy to vape.
Q: Why the top airflow cartridge cannot work with the automatic battery?
A: Because the bottom of top airflow cartridge is completely sealed, no air inlet. But the automatic battery has an air switch, the air inlet is required to drive it work.
Q: Why does a small amount of oil gets into my mouth when vaping?
A: After you vape the cartridge, the vapor will turn into condensate and adhere inside the center post. Just shake the cartridge to make the oil comes out.
Q: Why does the liquid level drop after filling?
A: This is normal, because the some oil enters into the heating element and is absorbed by the cotton layer. So it is recommended to store it upside down.
Q: Can the Cartridge and disposable vape pen be refilled?
A: It is recommended not to refill the oil, because residues left in tank after using will effect the taste.
Q: What is the difference between the top air inlet and the bottom air inlet of the cartridge?
A: Top air intake: Cartridge bottom is completely closed without air inlet, suitable for very thin oil, no oil leakage from bottom. Need match with manual battery.
Bottom air intake: Big hit , get smoke quickly. Both manual battery and automatic battery can be matched.
Q: Why does the cartridge/disposable vape pen have a burnt taste?
A: Reason 1: The oil inlet hole size is not suitable of your oil. The oil hole is too small, the heating coil be saturated slowly to cause dry burning.
Reason 2: The cotton wrapped around heating element is too tight, and the oil has condensed in the cotton layer, heating wire not get wet.
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