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Electronic Automatic Cigarette Filling Machine Develop Quickly

Electronic Automatic Cigarette Filling Machine Develop Quickly


Electronic butter oil is used in conjunction with electronic cigarettes, usually 0.5 ml to 1 ml once. Use a nip bottle to shake the soobial droplet into the homoscope. When using it, pay attention to the amount of toga oil in the nebulizer, too little but oil will cause atomizer damage and confusion.

Novel automatic cartridge filling machine, widely used in 5-50ml round, flat-shaped plastic bottle of glass bottles of glass bottles. Automatic cartridge filling machine provides high-precision cam division mechanism to provide separation plate positioning upper plug upper cover acceleration cam drive rotation head lifting; constant torque hinge, peristaltic pump metering; touch screen control, no bottle does not fill; It has the advantages of smooth transmission, accurate positioning, simple measuring operation. The inner tube is fed by the single-track and dual orbit, depending on the user production.

In the commodity economic market, electronic cigarette filling machine must not only meet the market and meet people's needs. In fact, for the entire customer group, the user's demand is the market demand, and their needs will determine the development of its industry. Now, with the seasonal market, there is an advanced technology that has the rise of its demand, it is believed that the electronic cigarette filling machine, is more smooth in the future market.

electronic cigarette filling machine

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