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Do You Really Know The Advantags Of Vape Electronic Cigarette? |

Do You Really Know The Advantags Of Vape Electronic Cigarette? |


1, Vape electronic cigarettes better than ordinary cigarettes

The first point is to figure out that the vape electronic cigarette is still better than cigarettes. Countless research demonstrates that there is no carcinogen in the vape electronic cigarette, there is no second-hand smoke, and the steam generated by electronic cigarettes is much smaller.

Last month, the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medical College reviewed more than 800 electronic cigarette health effects. The report found that "there is no available evidence" indicates whether the use of electronic cigarettes is related to the possible development of human cancers, as well as "limited evidence" in animal research.

The British Public Health has always been a strong support for electronic cigarettes, because they are the earliest claims in the department of electronic smoke than cigarettes. In their most famous statements, "Vape electronic cigarettes are more harmful to cigarettes at least 95%." A recent study in the UK said: "The electronic cigarette is not 100% risk, but their harm is much lower than ordinary cigarettes."

2, Compared with the cigarette, the carcinogen produced by vape electronic cigarettes is less than 1%

We all know that the cigarettes are unfavorable, but most people don't know that they contain more than 4,000 chemicals and 50 known carcinogens. More importantly, smoking related diseases is the main cause of death in the world. Smoking leads to many health problems such as heart attack, stroke, chronic respiratory disorders, cancer, and greatly reduce the quality of life of someone.

In fact, China has more than 1 million people die than smoking related diseases, and more than 800,000 people in the United Kingdom and the entire Europe died of smoking related diseases. Due to the full prevention, more than 24,000,000 people seek medical care every year.

Related research stated that "Vape electronic cigarettes are at least 95% more harmful than ordinary cigarettes"!

E-cigarettes have only 4 simple ingredients! These include propylene glycol and plant glycerol (for candy, candy, chewing gum, soft drink, fatty ice cream and cake mixture), food seasonings and nicotine.

3, No tar or second-hand smoke

When we smoke, it will not only affect us, but also have a huge impact on people around us. Breathing another person's smoke or passive smoking clearly shows that it is related to cancer. Passive smoking can increase the risk of non-smokers in lung cancer by 25%, and may also increase the risk of throat cancer and throat cancer. Second-hand smoke will also lead to other health problems, including heart disease, stroke and respiratory problems.

4, No odor

One of the biggest complaints we have heard of smoking is the smell. The ash cylinder that waits the old odor seems to be visible everywhere. It haunts your clothes, hair, breathing, home and car. Whether you use how much meint sugar or how much mouthwash, it is always there. Whether you spray how much perfume or ancient dragon water in your clothes, the smell of cigarettes will still exceed it. But the taste of the vape electronic cigarette will soon dissipate, and even the electronic cigarette is almost different.

5, More convenient

20 years ago, you can smoke almost anywhere, whether in the plane, in the office, in the bar, smoking is so common. Since the implementation of anti-smoking law since the smoking in public places, it is no longer legal. Most people will not let you smoke at home.

Since the vape electronic cigarette does not contain tobacco, it is not a jurisdiction of the smoking ban. So you can use them without spending most of the time outside!

6, It can help people quit smoking

One of the most difficult things when quitting smoking is the action of the hand to the mouth and the impact of the back of the throat.

Vape electronic cigarettes are used to copy the same feelings from ordinary cigarettes. So you will still get a hand to your mouth, a similar throat impact, even exhale smoke steam. It looks like the smoking position like you habits, help you better quit cigarettes.

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