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Do You Really Know About The Cartridge Filler Machine?

Do You Really Know About The Cartridge Filler Machine?


E-cigarette oil is also known as electronic smoke liquid. It is an electron atomizing solution used in conjunction with electronic cigarettes. By heating through an electronic smoke, it is possible to produce a fog like a cigarette. The main ingredient of electronic butter oil is an edible grade or a pharmaceutical-level propanol (also known as glycerin), 1,2-propanediol (generally no 1,3-propanediol) and polyethylene glycol, and tobacco special flavor. Essential oil is from plant flowers, leaves, stems, roots or fruits, extracting volatile aromatic substances by water vapor distillation, extrusion method, cold immersion method or solvent extraction method.

In order to meet the vial filling production needs of electronic butter oil this material, Novel launched a new cartridge filler machine to meet such production needs.

Cartridge filler machine use and description:

Cartridge filler machine are Novel developed on the basis of absorbing foreign advanced technologies, for special equipment for dripper essential oil bottles. Applicable to various material circles, shaped bottles, filling (rolling) cover of various specifications nozzles, are widely used in medicine, daily chemicals and other industries. The automatic essential oil filling machine has an accurate filling meter, a smooth rotation, and simple operation.


◆ All electrical components of Cartridge filler machine use well-known brands, intuitive operation, no bottles, no filling, measurement, no bottles do not cover.

◆ The upper cover positioning device can ensure accurate access to the bottle mouth when the nozzle plastic tube is too long or bent.

◆ Automatic essential oil filling machine is made entirely in accordance with GMP standards.

Cartridge filler machine working principle:

Cartridge filler machine adopts conveying belt conversion conveying jar, using stainless steel pump to explore and seize filling; automatic shocking, pneumatic linear positioning cover (pressure) cover; conveyor belt automatically filling the product Transmit to the next process.

cartridge filler machine

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