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Development & Structure Of Electronic Vapor Smoke Cigarettes

Development & Structure Of Electronic Vapor Smoke Cigarettes


Electronic vapor cigarette development

The design of first generation of electronic vapor cigarette is completely imitated in the shape of ordinary real smoke, and the smoke is yellow, the smoke is white. This generation of electronic cigarettes have been popular because they are similar to real cigarettes, and they are accepted by customers in the first feel. However, as people have more and more use of the first generation of electronic cigarettes, especially foreign customers, slowly discover many of the shortcomings of the first generation of electronic cigarettes, mainly in the nebulator . The nebulizer of the first generation of electronic smoke is easy to blow, and when the cigarette is replaced, it is easy to hurt the pointed portion of the nebulizer. It will be completely grinded in the month, and finally leads to the nebulator.

Second generation electronic vapor cigarette is slightly longer than a generation of electronic cigarettes, the diameter is typically 9.25 mm, the most important feature is that the nebulizer has been improved, with a protective cover outside the nebulizer, and the cigarette is inserted into the nebulator. A generation of electronic cigarettes is inserted into the cigarette insertion, and two just the opposite. The most significant feature of second-generation electronic cigarettes is to combine the cigarette and atomizer.

The third generation of electronic cigarettes are used in a disposable nebulator, which is equivalent to the nebulizer is also one-time, solving the previous problems, with great improvements in quality, and the appearance and raw materials have been replaced.

Electronic vapor cigarette product structure

Electronic vapor cigarette is made of air switch, intelligent control circuit, intelligent ESMOKE chip, ultrasonic atomization generator, atomization chamber, lithium ion battery, etc., air through modern high-tech intelligent microelectronics technology Airflow sensing, smoke simulation, fog temperature control, always standby and other high-tech humanization.

electronic vapor cigarettes

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