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Detailed Description Of Disposable Electronic Vape Pen

Detailed Description Of Disposable Electronic Vape Pen


Product description:

1. The appearance is similar to ordinary cigarettes. Do not combustion, free of tar and other chemicals. Remove carcinogens in ordinary smoke, it is beneficial to the health of smokers.

2. Component by a gas flow sensor, a control circuit, a high-power integrated circuit, a high-frequency ultrasound sounder, an atomized cavity, and a microelectronic element such as a lithium ion battery. The microcomputer smart chip controls the suction process, completely simulating real smoking, more relaxed, gently sucking, smoke, smoke, smoke. Do not change the smoking habits, so swallowing the clouds, refreshing, smoke addiction. Meet the needs of smokers and meet the habits of years. Without fire hazards, you can use it in fireproof.

3. Does not constrict harmful substances in smoke, will not have the harm of "second-hand smoke" to others, protect you and the health of people around you.

4. Pure taste, a wide variety, can match different tastes according to different needs of customers. Concrete optional taste: Wanbao Road, Mint, Tobacco, Cherry, Banana, Apple, Lemon, Almond, Grape, Strawberry, Pineapple, Chocolate, and more.

Product work principle:

1, no tobacco and combustion process, no tar and other carcinogenic and harmful components, non-combustible burning products harm, no fire hazards.

2, humanized design, simulating smoke.

3, no contamination environment, the smoke which is sucking is an aerosol formed by the distraction of nicotine.

4, shield electromagnetic wave, no electromagnetic radiation.

5, contain high purity pharmaceutical grade nicotine, according to "nicotine alternative therapy" design, achieving painless quitting smoking.

6. Each tobacco core is less than the nicotine content of ordinary twenty cigarettes, and the smokers cannot continuously use the "smoking" to reduce the frequency of use by special supply disorders. . It can work normally at ambient temperature -5 ° C - 42 ° C.

7, wide range of use.

Like ordinary smoke:

1. Do not change habits, so swallowing clouds.

2. Refreshing, solving smoking addiction.

Disposable electronic vape pen is a non-burning electronic cigarette, its effect is similar to ordinary smoke, can refresh, to meet smoke addiction, so that smokers have a feeling and relaxation, while there is a smokingish role.

Only small amounts of displaced agent-nicotine generated in the disposable vape pen nozzle, which does not contain a chemical substance, such as tar, and the disposable vape pen does not form tertuct and odor.

Disposable electronic vape pen, indicating that 'smoking' is about to enter the healthy era. Experts emphasize that such a design can only meet the smoke addiction of smokers, but also avoid harm to human health, reduce the occurrence of smoking people "smoking syndrome".

disposable vape pen

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