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Detail Working Principle Of Best Electronic Vapor Cigarettes

Detail Working Principle Of Best Electronic Vapor Cigarettes


Electronic  vapor cigarettes use high-tech smart chips and air switches to control the output and working status of the smoke.  Inside the e-cigarette, the e-cigarette liquid is delivered to the atomization chamber through the foamed nickel, and is turned on by the smoking air switch.

The  electronic vapor cigarettes when inhaling, a high-speed airflow is formed in the sensor. The airflow sensor senses the inhalation of the human mouth, thereby triggering the airflow sensor switch to turn on the airflow sensor switch, and the product starts to enter the working state. The central processing unit controls the execution unit to work through calculations and measurements. The atomizer is controlled by the central control unit and achieves different degrees of atomization according to the degree of oral suction. The atomizer is composed of a high-frequency oscillating circuit and an electric heating wire. In the atomizer, the high-purity electronic cigarette liquid is pressurized by the ultra-micro atomization pump and then enters the atomization chamber, where it is critically atomized to 0.5 in the vibration field of the high-frequency ultrasonic wave. The droplets of ~1.5um are dispersed into an aerosol form with the inhaled airflow, and then form a vapor mist that simulates smoke, which looks like smoke, but is actually fog.

The critical atomization condition is to use heating to reduce the surface tension of the liquid to the most easily atomized level. Simulating smoke also simulates the temperature of ordinary smoke (50-60 degrees Celsius). At the same time, the green indicator light on the front of the electronic cigarette lights up, simulating the fire of the cigarette butt, indicating that the electronic cigarette is in working condition. It makes the  electronic vapor cigarettes smoke like ordinary cigarettes, so that the electronic vapor cigarettes user can be refreshed while satisfying the smoker’s pleasure. Sense and psychological habits developed over the years have truly achieved people-oriented smoking.

At the same time, the smoke simulated by the electronic vapor cigarettes does not contain harmful substances such as nitrogen dioxide, acrolein, carbon monoxide, lead, hydrocyanic acid, arsenic, mercury, etc. It is not only completely harmless to me, but also completely eliminates the harmful effects of second-hand smoke on the surrounding people. And then people truly realize a real safe and environmentally friendly smoking process.

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