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Description Of Cigarette Filling Manufacturing Machine

Description Of Cigarette Filling Manufacturing Machine


Novel cigarette filling machine is widely used for 5-50ml round and flat plastic bottles and glass bottles of electronic cigarettes. The cigarette oil filling machine has a high-precision cam sub-mechanism to provide the indexing and equal division plate positioning, the upper plug and the upper cover acceleration cam drive the capping head lifting; constant torque capping, peristaltic pump metering filling; touch screen control, no bottle no filling; Without the inner plug and outer cover, it has the advantages of stable transmission, accurate positioning, and simple measurement operation; the upper inner plug and outer cover have special abrasive tools, and the alignment of the cover and the container has a high qualification rate. The inner plug hopper adopts single-track and double-track feeding, depending on the user's output.

Features of electronic cigarette oil filling machine:

1. The electronic cigarette oil filling machine is suitable for filling and capping of small bottles. The material is made of stainless steel and anti-corrosion stainless steel (for the part in contact with the material), which will never rust and meet the GMP standard. Well received by the majority of customers.

2. The working process is: unscramble bottles—automatically feed bottles to the station—automatic rotation—automatic quantitative filling—automatically sort and install caps (vibration feeding) (optional)---automatically lock caps--- Output of finished product conveyor belt.

3. The electronic cigarette oil filling machine can be suitable for various filling, plugging, capping and other processes.

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