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Component Detailed Analysis Of Electronic Cigarette Vape Oil

Component Detailed Analysis Of Electronic Cigarette Vape Oil


What is the most important thing in the electronic cigarette is the most important thing is the smoke oil, and the brand of smoke oil is numerous. It is more than ten years old, but the taste of the smoke oil has evolved to more than 8,000 kinds, you can think of food and drink From all kinds of fruit to the coffee bread, it is basically able to find the corresponding sole oil. And when you take your favorite soothe oil, enjoy the satisfaction of taste buds, Do you think about how to do the sooty oil does not have the same taste? Today, Novel will give you a detailed analysis of the proportion of electronic cigarette oil.

The first ingredients are vegetable glycerol (also known as VG), and vegetable glycerol in electronic cigarettes is generally extracted by plant materials, which belongs to something that can be directly eaten. The main role of glycerol in the soobial oil is to increase the amount of smoke that the soobial oil can produce, and the higher the proportion of glycerol in the soobial oil, the more fog produced after heating. If you want pure spit out of large smoke, then directly using pure 100% glycerol is ok, there will be no other taste in addition to the sweetness of glycerol in the sugar oil, there will be no other taste.

The ingredient 2 is propylene glycol (also known as PG), which is a common drug and food additive, which has moisture absorbing, slightly sweet, colorless and odorless transparent liquid, has good fluidity. PG is one of the base components of electronic cigarette oil, mainly as a carrier of flavor, enhances the taste of the oil, produces a small amount of fog after heating.

The third is nicotine, nicotine will make smokers addict to cigarettes. It allows us to absorb thousands of harmful substances in cigarettes, such as carbon monoxide and tar, etc. It itself is harmless, nicotine can even be used to treat depression. So really harmful in the cigarettes is not nicotine, but because nicotine is tempting to us, it has caused other substances.

Ingredients four is to eat flavors, and it is very important in the role of electronic cigarette oil, which can be said to be the soul of the soot. The flavor of the sole oil is determined by fragrance. The matching of different taste flavors, how many proportions have determined a flavor of the oil. And the general flavor is unique to smoke, its flavor formula is also very complicated.

Of course, there are many ingredients in the vape oil, such as flavor, distilled water, deionized water. Through the above introduction, I believe that everyone has already understood the proportion of electronic cigarette oil. After you understand the ingredients of the vape oil, you don't have to worry about whether the ingleum of the vape oil is toxic and harmful. When you purchase electronic cigarette oil, you can choose the right electronic cigarette oil as needed.

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