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Choosing Best E-cigarette Vaporizers Should Follow Two Points

Choosing Best E-cigarette Vaporizers Should Follow Two Points


1. Pay attention to health and safety (choosing safe e-cigarettes is not just choosing e-liquid)

Some people say that the safety of e-cigarette vaporizers mainly depends on the composition of the e-liquid. This view is not comprehensive. The composition of the e-liquid is important, but the e-liquid is not used to drink directly, but enters the human body after heating and atomizing. The material and temperature of the atomized smoke oil will affect the composition of the smoke production. Only at a reasonable temperature, the choice of safe atomizing materials and safe smoke oil can ensure that the smoke obtained is safe and reliable.

a. Low-temperature atomized e-cigarette vaporizers are safer

Find out what is the atomization temperature of the e-cigarette you want to buy (can't be responsible, please wear a cover. If you want to be healthy, please cool down)

As we all know, electronic cigarette smoke oil contains VG, scientific name: vegetable glycerin; chemical name: glycerin. It sounds mild, but vegetable glycerin is actually a very dangerous chemical that seems safe. Once the sky thunder hits the ground fire, the VG will crack if it is higher than 400 degrees Celsius.

Conclusion: If you choose e-cigarettes for health purposes, please choose e-cigarettes whose atomization temperature does not exceed 300 degrees Celsius.

b. The atomizing medium of the atomizer will also affect the smoke inhaled. (Those who don't mention the atomizer medium are unscrupulous merchants)

At present, the atomization method of electronic cigarettes is basically through heating, and the difference is mostly the heating medium.

PS: Low temperature ceramic atomization is safe, good taste and long life. Please choose carefully the atomizing medium containing metallic nickel and chromium.

2. Focus on taste experience

The real technology of e-cigarettes lies in the e-liquid and the taste. This is the so-called perfumer. The income of a great perfumer is beyond our reach. The initial purpose of customers using e-cigarettes is to control and replace cigarettes. Products that can't reach the taste and experience of cigarettes cost money.

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